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Deborah Kisakye was born like any other child.

It was quiet touching and loving when I and a few Colorado Ugandan Community members visited Deborah Kisakye(8 years old),  at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, in Denver, Colorado, where she was recovering from heart surgery. Little Deborah’s story is both calming and encouraging as narrated by her mother, Mrs. Mariam Luyima and her friend, Ms. Ruth Nantongo Kironde. The family traveled from Kampala, Uganda and arrived in Denver, Colorado, on October 21st, 2016 for a scheduled heart operation on Deborah Kisakye.

Who is Deborah Kisakye?


Deborah Kisakye was born like any other child on the 28th of July 2009 to Mr. Patrick Luyima and Mrs. Mariam Luyima of Kawempe, a suburb of Kampala, in Uganda.  Although  Deborah was born like any other normal child, her development process was not normal. Her size, weight and height were below those of kids perceived to be of her age and Deborah fell sick frequently. Deborah’s parents were concerned and visited the National referral Hospital(Mulago), where, after thorough examinations and tests, the Doctors concluded that Deborah had a defect on her small heart. The Doctors in Uganda, recommended that Deborah’s heart defect was beyond their expertise and the National Referral Hospital did not have the equipment to under take such a procedure and therefore Deborah’s parents must find assistance abroad. Both Mariam and Patrick were devastated at the Doctor’s recommendation because they lacked the funds to pursue such a venture. It was all doom and gloom thereafter and a prayer in between. As fate would have it, in 2011 a friend to their pastor(Pastor Johnson Makumbi), visited Uganda under the CHRIST FELLOWSHIP CHURCH OF McKINNEY( and Pastor Johnson Makumbi shared Deborah’s story with the visiting fellowship. Doctor Lee Broke who was part of the group offered to help and through his connections, Deborah Kisakye who was a little under two years old(19 months), was brought to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, in Denver, Colorado, on April 1st, 2011, where she under went a successful heart surgery and recovery process. Two months later(June 8th 2011), Deborah and her mother left for Uganda and Deborah enjoyed life normally. However, late this summer, Deborah started developing the same complications with her little heart again and through the help of the Samaritan Ministries, she was able to be brought back to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children were she again under went a successful heart surgery procedure. When we visited the family, Deborah was joyful and playful, a sign that she is recovering well.


As the President of the Ugandan Community in Colorado, when i received the news that there was a Ugandan family a the Children’s hospital, i was concerned. Good enough a few members in the community like,  Mr. Denis Kayemba, Mr. Abbey Kkonde and Ms. Grace Nakyanja had already made contact and also rallied together for funds to help out the family.  The Samaritan Ministries and the Christ Fellowship Church of Mckinney have done their part and we are very thankful. However, as a Ugandan Community in Colorado, we must also do our part.  It is therefore, my humble appeal to all members of the Colorado Ugandan Community and friends  to donate to the recovery process of Deborah Kisakye, however small. It is also my understanding that children in Uganda with cases similar to Deborah’s are so many and most times not lucky as Deborah. Deborah’s Parents, Mr. Patrick Luyima and Mariam have started a Deborah Foundation,  simply to create awareness and also offer assistance where possible to families that might be in similar positions.


To donate to Deborah’s recovery process please contact:

Mr. Denis Kayemba….720 276 2091, or

Ms. Grace Nakyanja….303 434 3966 or

Mr. Charles B. Lwanga, 720 327 1703 or

Mr. Abbey Kkonde …..720 999 1274




Charles B. Lwanga

President, the United Ugandans Association of Colorado.

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