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February 4th 2023 Meeting minutes




TIME: 7:25 PM 



  1. Charles Lwanga (UUAC President) 
  1. Esther Lyles (Board member 
  1. Grace Kijjambu (Board member) 
  1. Victoria Kyakuwa Mbabaali  
  1. Musa Kyambadde (Treasurer) 
  1. Pastor Rebecca Nansubuga Kigozi 
  1. Moses Ddamulira 
  1. Rose Ddamulira 
  1. John Mayanja 
  1. Ali Muwonge 
  1. Moses Kizito Nsubuga Ssajjabbi 
  1. Bagonza Benjamin 
  1. Ali Ibrahim 
  1. Anthony Sekyanzi 
  1. Aden Masembe 
  1. Paul Nteyafa 
  1. Tony Mukasa 
  1. Emmanuel Osire 
  1. Ali Shure (Soldier One) 
  1. Sarah Kitonsa  
  1. Dr. Jacob Kitonsa 

Meeting called to order by Mr. Lwanga 

He outlined the housekeeping rules like, no overtalking one another, respectful to everyone and using the polite appropriate language, communication in Luganda and English, raise hand to participate etc… 

Prayer by Pastor Rebecca Kigozi 

Purpose of the meeting by Mr. Charles Lwanga 

  • To forge a way forward by rejuvenating our UUAC organization 
  • To follow-up on our Preliminary meeting that occurred on Oct 30th, 2022 
  • Mainly how can we help ourselves and be there for each other? 
  • Set up structure and draw a road map on how to get there. 



1.  Call to order and allow individual self-introductions 

3.  Prayer 

4.  Minutes read by acting secretary (Esther) 

5.  President Remarks 

6.  Treasurer Report-Musa Kyambadde 

7.  Discussion of the Action points from previous meeting 

8.  Road Map: – Formation of Committees and recruit Volunteers  

9.  Any other Business 

10. Announcements 

10.  Meeting Adjourn  

Minutes were passed by the members present 

Meeting started by Mr. Lwanga reiterating the history of the organization and how we arrived at this point of wanting to make some changes.  He acknowledged that indeed our community is fragmented for five years now since the political outburst of Togikwatako.  He appreciated Esther for coming up with the initiative of Revival because we are better together as a United Front.  The idea of networking is imperative right now because we currently have a higher Ugandan population  

It was then decided not to involve Politics in the UUAC matters because it divides people. 


  1. Clarification about the Community and the Association was explained again 
  1.  Suggestion to set up the committees according to the 4 regions of Uganda just to make sure we don’t miss anyone. North, Western, Eastern and Central (Buganda) or by categories like by religion, Elderly, Youth, Cultural groups, business people, party goers etc… or go by villages like Boulder, Colo Springs, Erie, Denver, Littleton, Centennial  etc…. 

This the challenge is to merge all three concepts. 

  1. It was decided to just focus on the action points stated in the previous minutes  
  1. Some people expressed the urgency of selecting committees immediately, but how? 
  1. One member just wants to go on and set up the membership drive because he feels that we need the money to jumpstart the website and other activities then elect leaders. 
  1. One member suggested a leadership committee to collaborate and come up with solutions for the whole community as a whole. The confusion was whether he meant leaders in the community belonging to different organizations or leaders within the Colorado Ugandan Assoc of Colorado.  Response: – we don’t want to meddle in other people’s associations or business to try to come up with a common goal.  We are only concerned about the UUAC for now. 
  1. Some new members in Colorado just want to know how the Association can help them…response by President is “That it is one of the goals that we are trying to achieve but we need to set up the foundation first. 
  1.  Treasurer reported that the UUAC account has been dormant for a while and there is no money.  Zero balance.  We need to deposit some money to activate it.   He went on to explain the obstacles and the difficulty of trying to solicit membership dues.  He compared it to pulling teeth. 
  1.  it was suggested that we need to explore other avenues to secure funds like from grants offered by the government or donor organizations, fundraisers, membership fees–response we have to renew our 502c3 status which is a prerequisite to receiving funds.  
  1.  A remote suggestion came in to establish a Newsletter for our Ugandan community so that we all keep abreast of what is going on like births, weddings, and deaths, and other celebrations.  Response by the President that we had a newsletter before and can be revisited. 
  1. It was suggested to have a communication/publicity department—Response:- will be implemented after the structure is formed. 
  1. It was suggested to set up Zoom meetings in the future for convenience. 
  1. We need to assign duties, set some expectations and deadlines for the elected leaders. 
  1. Another suggestion was brought forward to secure a common place where all Ugandans can meet like a place of business having observed other nationalities doing the same. response was that all that was attempted to no avail.  Colorado Ugandans will not patronize or support their own.  There is a great risk in securing a place when you are not sure where the resources will come from. 

Therefore, problem identified, we need to know who are the people willing and interested in this endeavor and register them as members of the Association. 

Previous Action points evaluated 

  • Secure a venue for the General Community meeting –DONE 
  • Mobilize and sensitize the Community members –DONE —KAMPALA NIGHT OYEE 
  • The community members will identify leaders in different sectors –DONE 
  • Device a plan to mobilize the membership drive—WORK IN PROCESS – REPORT DUE MARCH 25TH, 2023 
  • Open the payment portal on UUAC Website–TBD 
  • Set up timelines. Deadlines, and goals to elect new administration-TBD 
  • Set up the Voting process- paid up members will elect new Administration. -IN PROGRESS 

The five committees were set up as follows: – 

  1.  Treasury Committee – Volunteers: -Paul Nteyafa , Musa Kyambade to collaborate and come up with a resource mobilization plan as well as recruit other helpers from the community.. 
  1. Registration Committee spearheaded by Soldier one Mr. Ali Shure…he will set an App so people can just open and register.  He will set up a plan and select his helpers. 

He will collaborate with Dr. Kitonsa to solicit membership Colorado Springs and have representatives in other areas Colorado namely: – Boulder, Erie, Northglenn. Denver. Aurora. Colorado Springs etc…. 

  1. Constitution Review committee: – spearheaded by the Attorney Mrs. Kitonsa with Mr. Lwanga’s input. 
  1. Election Committee spearheaded by Mr. Ali Muwonge_ he will consult and set up the election process with the help of Pastor Osire and Pastor Rebecca. 
  1. Events committee will be spearheaded by Esther and Victoria 

***The committee leaders will meet monthly with their teams.  

***The committee leaders will report back to the general assembly every two months and scheduled for March 25th, 2023 at the Yak and Yeti Event Center right before Kampala night. 

***Leadership committee is still not clear how it can be implemented. *** 


A request by Mrs. Sarah Kitonsa who is spearheading The Global Talent Taskforce, for members to participate in a study concerning immigrants and the challenges they face while in the United States, after which she will present to the Governor of Colorado.  

 Please contact her at 719 493-5564 if you want to participate or email her at 


Mr. Ashure Ali is pleading with the Colorado Ugandan community to come to the rescue of a sick friend who is about to be released from the hospital.  He is a Ugandan and will need about $2000.00 for upkeep during his physical therapy, Hon. Paul Nteyafa has offered to buy him groceries every weekend during his recovery. 

 Valentines Party on February 18th. 2023 


  • Reports from the Committee members on March 25th, 2023 
  • Renew the UUAC 501c3 Status and Add the pay/donation button on the Website 
  • Visit for updates  
  • Add a suggestion corner to the Website  
  • Review the mission statement and the vision of UUAC 


QUOTE; _ Mr. Charles Lwanga –President (UUAC} 

Esther Nasuna Lyles 

(Acting Secretary) 

Mr. Charles Lwanga 

(President UUAC) 

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